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YasudaCrypto v1 White paper

YasudaCrypto v4 White paper

Keisei Saimin. The word Keizai (the Japanese word for Economy) is derived from the word “Keisei Saimin”, found in Chinese classics.
Keisei Saimin means “ordering the world and saving the people”. In other words, governing the world to relieve the people from suffering.

We believe that it is not possible to achieve significant economic effects only by issuing government bonds, and we are working on ways to build a new era in which the world prospers through ways of Keisei Saimin. Our thoughts and efforts gave birth to the YASUDA CRYPTO.

Although cryptocurrency (virtual currency) has been functioning as real money in the world, the fear that it may damage the national interests of various countries has led to high taxation rates and restrictions imposed by national policies. Here, we build a scheme that secures each country’s national interest by shifting from the old economy to the new one.

We have completed a scheme that evolves the latest technology, financial sciences, and network of global financial institutions to enter a lean and smart society through the use of cryptocurrency (virtual currency) or digital money for the national interests of various countries and the world.

To implement this scheme, we created a cryptocurrency (virtual currency) that puts the network of global financial institutions into the blockchain technology in June 2019. As a result, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, YASUDA CRYPTO, is born based on the development of the cryptocurrency platform of EFOOD (Euroasiafoodcoin), which uses the latest technology, and the completion of a unique smart contract that lasts for more than 300 years.

EFOOD is a cryptocurrency (virtual currency) that contributes to society and the future of the world through food. It is listed on the exchange market of Switzerland in 2019 and supports the development of other cryptocurrencies (virtual currencies) with its unique blockchain technology.

Also, EFOOD Coin still has an increasing currency value and is traded on the market. The cashing of YASUDA CRYPTO and EFOOD Coin can be done through the specified agencies or YT CRYPTO MANAGEMENT company.

YASUDA CRYPTO is a cryptographic asset digital money offered by the descendants of the Yasuda Financial Conglomerate, which once one of the largest financial institutions in Japan. In 1866, Zenjiro Yasuda, the founder of Yasuda Financial Group, gained substantial profit from his currency exchange business and became a leading financial leader in Japan.

The exchange management of cryptographic asset and digital money utilizing the blockchain technology that is developed in recent banking limitations and the era of transformation and the currency value for the creation of a happy society have added values beyond the conventional currency.

Also, since the YASUDA CRYPTO currency can be traded in the market, it can be used as a financial investment because it has its unique trading market. Nevertheless, the trading of cryptographic assets has its own risks, so traders are encouraged to handle the trading based on an appropriate judgment.

YASUDA CRYPTO coin is risk-followed and managed by several shared managers, and its capital utilization and investment are controlled by an AI Smart Contract, which operates for more than 300 years.

< Policy >

1. We provide financial support for the creation of a smart society for the benefit of the people and countries based on Keisei Saimin.
We provide financial support to organizations and individuals that endeavor in the business for the future, such as financial institutions in various countries.

We provide financial institutions with a high rate of transaction fees and loan guarantee frames.

Also, we support the monetization of other cryptocurrencies (virtual currencies).

2. We provide financial support in the following fields and eliminate unnecessary costs and expenditures through YASUDA CRYPTO Payment.

(Key Areas)

According to a calculation done by IBM, the use of blockchain in everyday transactions can reduce unnecessary costs by 18 trillion yen annually. Also, it is estimated that the use of blockchain settlement (settlement with cryptographic assets) in various banking businesses, such as payment, can reduce unnecessary costs by 30 trillion yen or more annually.

Business investment, trading, EC, banking business

Eliminating environmental destruction, poverty relief, eliminating multiple debts, healthy education, food supply maintenance,

National debt repayment, national interest, development of new technologies, supporting cryptocurrencies (virtual currencies).

・ Application in smart trade transactions
・Application in border-free EC
・ Application in business investment
・ Support to crop producers as an effort to maintain food supply
・ Relief efforts to the poor, as defined by the United Nations
・ and others

3. We support businesses that aim to reduce CO2 emission and smart social activities as our efforts in the conservation of the global environment.

YASUDA CRYPTO Payment can be used to implement a smart settlement method.

YASUDA CRYPTO provides the mechanism to be used as an EC settlement method.

We also provide a system to utilize YASUDA CRYPTO in various EC settlements. You can add the YASUDA CRYPTO settlement method to your website.

The blockchain technology will save the global environment from a long-term perspective. The use of YASUDA CRYPTO will lead to the protection of the global environment.

The blockchain technology can be operated at a low cost because it is very difficult to tamper, highly transparent, and does not need any large-scale systems. It is believed as a technology that will revolutionize the world.

Supply chain transparency
Through this, we will be able to optimize the supply and demand management and consequently enable sustainable production, distribution, and consumption. The data of the food supply chain can be recorded through the blockchain to show the product flow from production to consumers clearly.

Distributed resource management
By using technology to manage data in the entire network, it is possible to construct a cross-border global supply system, thus enabling the optimization of the direct sales of energy, a dynamic pricing, and demand-supply balance.

A new source of sustainable finance
Through the promotion of capital access by the blockchain-based financial platform, funds can be used to sustain a healthy society appropriately.

Application of cryptographic assets to recycle the global environment
The blockchain technology has fundamentally changed the way to evaluate natural resources and has the potential to bring economic values to things that are currently considered as waste. For example, Plastic Bank is issuing a currency called the recycle token in exchange for plastic waste collected from the ocean. Active waste recycling efforts is an essential step towards achieving a circular economy.

4. Share the profit by utilizing YT-TAX.

We have succeeded in developing a system that generates TAX fees in cryptographic asset currency (virtual currency) trading. For that reason,

since the gas charge and YT-TAX are generated in YASUDA CRYPTO trading, the TAX fee can be provided.

(Four main profits of TAX FEE)
Enabling the creation of national interest and new services through the unique YT-TAX system.

Application of 4 types of YT-TAX (FIBC)

Currently, YASUDA CRYPTO made the following TAX service charges and considered to be used persistently as a sustainable currency.

F-TAX (profit for the future, support for debt repayment: provide coins to coin holder wallets, cashing support.)

B-TAX (profit for businesses, investment support for a smart society: provide investment funds for the platform of a sustainable society, such as CO2 reduction and others.)
I-TAX (profit for investors. Pass on the YASUDA CRYPTO operation cost to EFOOD.)

C-TAX (provides transaction fees and credit guarantee limits for financing through financial institutions in each country for the national interest of the country. Provide funds when it is considered appropriate to provide financial support to each country. Provide reports to the UN.)

Developed with a unique smart contract that utilizes Ethereum’s blockchain technology, YT-TAX is a mechanism that generates new transaction fees in the global cryptocurrencies (virtual currencies). As Ethereum’s block-chain technology use usually generates gas charges, users who use the cryptocurrency (virtual currency) can be taxed in the form of the usage charge of the smart contract, allowing the collection of tax revenue in each country of jurisdiction. Yasuda Crypto provides the tax revenue to each country of jurisdiction directly.

The YT CRYPTO MANAGEMENT, which is the managing company of Yasuda Crypto, will establish contracts with the representative institution in each country and manage the collection of the tax revenue. It may be performed by an agency that has a contract with YT CRYPTO MANAGEMENT. In the beginning, the agency and YT CRYPTO MANAGEMENT will have a two-year contract.

Please contact the management company if you want to use the trading service of global cryptocurrencies (virtual currencies) or if you want to become an agent.

5. Support for the healthy trading of global cryptocurrencies (virtual currencies)

The use of cryptocurrencies has more advantages than disadvantages. Financial simplification in a smart society is essential in the current internet-based society. It is expected that the settlement of the exchange of goods and money with cryptocurrencies (virtual currencies) will produce more benefits in the present day, where internet-based transactions have become possible. Settlement in cryptocurrency is attractive due to a lower remittance fee and faster transaction time than ordinary credit card settlement, bank transfer, etc. In addition, it is a safe technology because the payment utilizes the blockchain technology.

Also, many cryptocurrencies (virtual currencies) are created for various new efforts and specific purposes. Along with the growth of investments in the development and commercialization of businesses that are making new efforts, the difficulty in collecting the return of investment has been causing uncertainties in future developments. YASUDA CRYPTO will support their cryptocurrencies (virtual currency) through appropriate audits.

We support cryptocurrency (virtual currency) businesses in overcoming the wastes and system limitations in the conventional banking and credit businesses through the application of highly-liquid cryptocurrencies (virtual currencies) for the creation of a smart society. The most pressing issue among them is that the fact that the centralized blockchains and non-centralized blockchains are not integrated.

We offer YASUDA CRYPTO as a newly-evolved technology to be utilized as a terminal of decentralized blockchains to link with centralized blockchains. The currency can be considered as an optimized way to exchange global cryptocurrencies with real money.

In addition to being able to be linked with centralized blockchains, YASUDA CRYPTO can also be linked to blockchains that provide other services.

6. YASUDA CRYPTO supports SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). We provide support for SDGs targets.

(World Poverty)
To put an end to world poverty, we will provide the necessary funds to the places that require financial assistance free of charge and work to promote the economic development of such places.

(World Hunger)
To put an end to world hunger, we will provide free food to the places that need assistance in securing their food supplies and nutrition. We also provide loans and funding to organizations that work on food supply maintenance to promote economic developments.

(World welfare and medicine, food for nutritional support)
To promote the health of all people of all ages and the welfare of the world, we provide free medicines and food for nutritional support wherever needed. We provide loans and financing to organizations performing welfare-promoting activities and work to promote economic developments.

(Global lifelong learning, provision of learning materials)
To promote lifelong learning of all people of all ages, we provide learning opportunities and free scholarships wherever needed and provide free textbooks and other learning materials. We provide loans and financing to organizations performing education-promoting activities and work to promote economic developments.

Official privileged sales period: from June 21, 2019, to April 30, 2020.

*The sales will be terminated when the specified quantity of sales volume and the privileged sales will be ended, even within the indicated sales period.

Start of purchase application: from June 21, 2019

Please use the following purchase and purchase reservation site.


Yasuda Crypto was officially registered as Ethereum based currency on 17th June 2019 under the International Standard for Cryptographic Assets ERC20.